About Us Khasino is a Trademark and Brand owned by Zishapp (Pty) Ltd & Vita Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Khasino will be a leader in documentation of rules and methods for the game called Khasino, starting with custom decks. 1 The problem Zishapp discovered that they could not find playing cards for the popular South African game called Khasino, the game is played with 40 cards. The current decks only provide 52 cards. 2 Our solution To solve this problem Zishapp created Khasino™ in 2020. Khasino solves the problem by Printing a custom deck which has the following benefits to customers: • Cheaper deck • Waterproof • No wasted cards, all the cards are used. We have set up our supply chain to make sure that we can maintain the quality of our cards by: • Quality Control from our Printers • Effective Storage • Trusted Currier services We are also working closely with Netcash and other business partners to make sure our services are a success. If you also want to give us some feedback, we would love you to. Please use our contact us page. 4 Where we go to next We also hope to be working with new business partners so that we can help both their and our brand. If your business would be interested in working with us please contact us using our contact us page.

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We accept credit and debit cards, Instant-EFT, and cash on Retail shops like Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, Save, Post Office.


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